Recent Projects

Below are some recent examples of our work for other clients. Each example is typical of our work, expertise and level of quality our clients have come to expect. Please take the time to browse the gallries of each to view the quality of our work for yourself.

Traditional, Courtyard Patio

A traditional paved courtyard area perfect for a summer breakfast or warm relaxing evenings. Attractive and bespoke design and arrangement, real stone construction and edging to blend in perfectly with original elements of the garden. This is a perfect solution for smaller spaces, kitchen gardens or courtyards.

Multi-level Garden

Landscaped to maximise on useable area within the garden and to provide separate areas for different uses. Brings a three layer aspect providing a lawn, seating / patio and play areas. Traditional stone wall construction provides an aesthetically pleasing appeal whilst offering a solid structural element. All walls have been constructed using traditional techniques.

Gravel Drive, Before & After

This project demonstrates our "back to foundations" approach to all projects whether large area excavations or smaller patio areas. Stripping back to an existing hard surface allows not only for a thorough inspection of the laying surface but also allows us to repair and correct any underlying problems that may exist before any surfacing takes place.

Block Work Drive

Block work ranks amongst the most attractive of finishes we can offer. Block work can match any number of applications from large drives to patios itís an extremely versatile construction technique. This project involved an intricate driveway encompassing the entire house over uneven ground. The resulting driveway is an attractive, easily maintained solution to a complicated problem, in keeping with the overall style of the house.

Large Gravel Drive

The most important thing about laying gravel is to know how it moves, not just now but years down the line. Gravel is an excellent material to cover larger areas quickly and attractively but as you can see from this project it has to be done well. Block work breakers are used to stop wells developing where the gravel will naturally collect and to "fence in" where drive meets road. Just the right amount of surface material is laid to give to correct look and feel whilst maintaining an even spread.

Decorative Tarmac

Tarmac needn't be ugly. This project shows that with some clever and minimal use of block work you can transform a low cost but relatively unattractive surface into an attractive, suitable driveway that matches it's surroundings perfectly. Tarmac is a versatile and extremely durable surface that can fit many environments whilst keeping costs to a minimum.